I had an opportunity to attend a lighting technology seminar at Lutron’s headquarters in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. If you have any interest in lighting control and you’ve never been to a Lutron Experience Center, you’re seriously missing out. Within five minutes of walking into the building I was a believer.

You can create a geo-fence around your home so your exterior lights illuminate when you return home after dark. You can control your thermostat from the other side of the world. You can program your window shades to lower automatically every day at dusk without ever having to manually adjust for sundown.

The key to surviving and thriving in this competitive marketplace is the ability to embrace the wants and needs of our ever-evolving customers.  The primary demand? Technology of course.

While traditionally the modular industry has been sluggish to adapt to trends in the market; I can’t say that continues to be the case — at least not for Simplex Homes.

The ‘Jetsons’ are our newest customers. Smart home technology is quickly filtering into the vocabulary of every homebuyer — so why not position ourselves ahead of the curve? That’s precisely what we did. We incorporated a Lutron Casèta dimming system paired with an Amazon Echo into our Greenfield II model home.  Check out our video demonstrating a few of the features and functions of this affordable, user-friendly system.

Visit us at one of our Open House events to tour the Greenfield II and ask Alexa to turn on the kitchen lights. You’ll be a believer too.