When you think of energy efficient homes, so many terms come to mind.  Energy Star, LEED, Net Zero, Passive Home, Stretch Energy, and more.  There are many variables that people search for in a new home.  Some people are interested in low VOC’s.  Some are interested in a smaller carbon footprint.  Some want to reduce their monthly heating/cooling bills.  Ultimately, people are searching for a house that takes all these items into consideration.  These people are typically searching for a high-performance house that will save them money over time.   Enter, High-Performance Modular Housing…

Several years ago…a Maine-based architectural firm by the name of BrightBuilt Home contacted Simplex Homes to discuss building attainable high-performance homes.  At the time, Simplex Homes was no stranger to energy efficient homes and BrightBuilt Home was already successful designing and selling HP homes in New England.  Seeing a need throughout various states, BrightBuilt Home wanted to create a team that could offer high-performance housing not only in the New England States, but also throughout the Mid-Atlantic States.

There is a lot of coordination by all parties when it comes to designing, building, and finishing a high-performance homes.  Below is a basic breakdown to help explain how the process works.

  1. BrightBuilt Home – Architectural firm that designs the home with the customer.
  2. Simplex Homes – Manufacturer that builds the modular home.
  3. Lord Contractors – Builder that completes all the onsite work.

Numbers 1 & 2 above will always remain the same.  Number 3 is a variable that can change based on the customer’s site location.  Lord Contractors is based in Eagleville, PA and services a 150 mile radius.  The high-performance home pictured below was delivered to Quakertown, PA.

Stay tuned for more information about building techniques and specifications when building high-performance modular homes.

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