We are thrilled to announce that Chuck McNear has been selected as the recipient of the prestigious 2023 Henry P. Fricchione Award! We would also like to recognize Omar Galeno Bravo as the outstanding runner-up, who has shown exceptional dedication as a member of the spackle crew.

Chuck joined our team at Simplex in October of 2012, starting in the receiving department at Plant 1. Throughout his tenure, he has demonstrated exemplary leadership skills, taking charge of the receiving department and ensuring that all material needs across departments are met.

In the past year, Chuck has gone above and beyond by spearheading the initiative to clean and organize Plant 2 and its surrounding storage areas. He has approached this responsibility with utmost seriousness and a deep sense of pride.

Chuck’s passion for his work shines through every single day. He takes personal responsibility for ensuring that materials are handled correctly and that our recycling procedures are followed diligently. His punctuality and reliability make him a dependable and trustworthy team member.

Let’s take a moment to get to know Chuck better! Chuck and his wife Shannon are proud parents to four children: Morgan, Jordan, Trevor, and Ariel. His family, including his grandchildren, holds the utmost importance in his life. In fact, Chuck even goes the extra mile by delivering newspapers to support his family before starting his workday.