Simplex has always had a strong presence in the Hudson Valley and has been nationally recognized for building beautiful, custom homes for 45 years. Whether you’re curious about modular construction or want to learn more about what sets Simplex apart from the competition – I’m dedicated to proving to you that Simplex Homes and modular construction are the superior choice for your customers and your business.

There are so many misconceptions about the modular housing industry – cookie-cutter homes, inferior construction methods, poor quality materials. None of these stereotypes true. In reality, modular construction has incredible benefits over site-built construction.

  • Fundamentally Green: Let’s face it. Today’s businesses are focused on reducing their carbon footprint. Modular construction methods are inherently a greener way to build. We have less raw material waste and take pride in our ability to maximize material usage and decrease waste.
  • Reduced site risks: We build in a climate controlled environment out of the elements. Modular building techniques allow us to minimize exposure to weather, theft, and vandalism during the construction process.
  • Timeline advantages: When it’s raining or snowing – we’re still building. Moreover, site preparation and home construction can occur simultaneously. This cuts down on your timeline and your customer can move into their new home quicker.
  • Minimized site management: Factory construction allows our professionals to manage the construction process. This equates to fewer delays, a fixed budget and minimizes your site management of subcontractors and tasks – ultimately freeing up more of your time to build your business and build your relationship with your customers.
  • Economical: Our bulk buying power and vendor relationships allow us to provide luxurious homes at affordable prices. Plus, we have standardized labor costs that aren’t affected by your local market.

The benefits to modular construction are vast and I would be delighted to discuss how our business can benefit yours.  Contact me today to chat about any questions you have about Simplex Homes and how I can help support your success.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Brittany Minello
Regional Accounts Manager
Simplex Industries
1-800- 233-4233