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For Modular homes in PA Pennsylvania, Simplex Homes is the modern, technically advanced, leader in modular construction.

If you are interested in building homes in PA Pennsylvania, then Simplex Homes is the Pennsylvania modular home manufacturer for you. Simplex Homes has experience providing modular homes to any area of Pennsylvania. From Allentown, Bloomsburg, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, The Poconos, and Pittsburgh.

Custom Modular Homes in Pennsylvania

A new custom modular home by Simplex Homes would be the perfect way to enjoy everything Pennsylvania offers. Do you need a traditional two-story home for your long-established neighborhood in Harrisburg? A ranch-style home for the suburbs of Allentown? Maybe a cape home for your Erie Lake house or something close to Bloomsburg. Simplex Homes can manufacture the perfect home for you under perfectly controlled conditions.

Simplex Homes works with numerous contractors for manufactured homes in Pennsylvania. Feel free to contact us to learn more about building your custom modular home in Pennsylvania.

Simplex also provides multi-family and light commercial modular construction in Pennsylvania. Visit for more information.

Our management team is among the most experienced in the industry. We are among the largest employers in our region but remain a family-owned firm. Our craftsmen are among the most skilled in our industry and many have been with us almost since our firm’s founding over four decades ago.

We concentrate our efforts on building the highest possible quality modular structures. We build first homes, dream homes, and architecturally significant homes and commercial buildings, ranging from dormitories to hotels, from professional office space to light industrial buildings.

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Did You Know?

Pennsylvania is nicknamed The Keystone State after Thomas Jefferson referred to the state as the “keystone to the federal union,” meaning it holds everything in place. A lot of history is correlated with the state. Many battles took place here, the American flag was created, it is home to the Liberty Bell, etc. Pennsylvania is home to Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog represented on Groundhog’s Day. The population of the state remains over 12 million residents.

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