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For Modular homes in New Jersey, Simplex Homes is the modern, technically advanced, leader in modular construction.

If you are interested in building homes in NJ New Jersey, then Simplex Homes is the New Jersey modular home manufacturer for you. Simplex Homes has experience providing modular homes to any area of New Jersey. From Red Bank to Princeton, Montclair, and Cherry Hill.

Custom Modular Homes in New Jersey

A new custom modular home by Simplex Homes would be the perfect way to enjoy everything New Jersey offers. Do you need a traditional two-story home for your long-established neighborhood in Fairfield? A ranch-style home for the suburbs of Allendale? Maybe a cape home for your Red Bank waterfront! Simplex Homes can manufacture the perfect home for you under perfectly controlled conditions.

Simplex Homes works with numerous contractors for manufactured homes in New Jersey. Feel free to contact us to learn more about building your custom modular home in New Jersey.

Simplex also provides multi-family and light commercial modular construction in New Jersey. Visit for more information.

Our management team is among the most experienced in the industry. We are among the largest employers in our region but remain a family-owned firm. Our craftsmen are among the most skilled in our industry and many have been with us almost since our firm’s founding over four decades ago.

We concentrate our efforts on building the highest possible quality modular structures. We build first homes, dream homes, and architecturally significant homes and commercial buildings, ranging from dormitories to hotels, from professional office space to light industrial buildings.

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Did You Know?

Thomas Edison did most of his work on inventing the light bulb in Menlo Park. The beloved drive-in movie theaters began in Pennsauken in June 1993! New Jersey is known as the diner capital of the world. You will find a diner in almost every town, 500 diners total throughout the state! New Jersey is rich in history when it comes to the Revolutionary War. There were almost 300 battles! Additionally, New Jersey was the first state to sign the Bill of Rights in 1787 and the third to sign the Constitution. New Jersey is home to the famous artist Frank Sinatra.

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