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Paul Caruso

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Few people in our industry can match the experience and expertise of Paul Caruso. With 45 years in our industry, the past 32 years with Simplex, Paul brings an outstanding reputation and work ethic to his responsibilities as Vice President of Operations.

Paul has had a hand in just about every project that has flowed through Simplex over the past three decades. Among the most notable projects of his career ironically both involved Marywood University. Paul enjoyed hands-on responsibilities for the day care project at Marywood as well as the recent addition of the construction of 27,450 square feet of dormitory project at Marywood. Simplex accepted the challenge of taking on the project shortly after the end of the spring term at Marywood, and completing it in time for the incoming fall semester classes.

Paul Caruso has been a long time member of the Carpentry Advisory Committee at Johnson College, a technical college located in Scranton, PA. He recently celebrated his 45th wedding anniversary. He and his wife are the proud parents of two and the grandparents of 13 children. When he’s not at his desk you can find Paul on the golf course or enjoying his hobby of building nesting bird boxes.

Simplex is a nationally recognized leader in the modular home and commercial modular industry. Many of the techniques used to make modular the superior building method were developed in the two Simplex construction facilities in Scranton, Pennsylvania. For almost 40 years Simplex has proudly remained a family owned and operated company. To learn more about Simplex Industries, visit at